About me

   Hi guys, my name is Magdalena Morgan and I am a scientist during the day and a freestyle cook by night. I know.... what does science has to do with cooking you ask? A lot! In both cases you usually follow some kind of protocol/recipe, you always try to change it in order to achieve better results and you never know what the results are going to be! But there is one fundamental difference between those two, when the cooking is done you end up with a bowl of delicious and aromatic food, which can comfort you after a hard day at work.

   I can't remember how I learned to cook. I think I was born with that skill, because I remember mixing some different face creams and toothpastes in my Grandma's bathroom and having my own cooking show in front of the mirror when I was a kid. I stopped talking to the mirror and pretending that it's a camera, but I still mix different things, although this time the outcome is edible (at least most of the time). My husband, Justin, who is the first taster of all my creations, thinks that I have a magic power and can create a dinner from a wooden stick in a pot. I like that he sees me as a Super Woman! I love to cook. It relaxes me, gives me joy, makes my husband and our dog happy and I want to believe it makes our guests happy too. I try to cook every day, keeping the dishes figure and time friendly and if you wonder if I slack off in the kitchen from time to time....yes I do! Sometimes we go out, have a frozen pizza or Justin just cooks "hamburger helpers"..... I hate those by the way, don't try them at home!

   My second biggest hobby is the amateur photography, with the emphasis on the "amateur". I love to get creative, take interesting pictures at different angles and compositions. And one day it just hit me... why not to take pictures of the food I cook?! I am very lucky to work with a guy who is a great photographer (another scientist with alternative career option) and who is teaching me all the tricks and secrets of a good picture taking. So I just started taking pictures of my dishes every day and posting them on my Facebook page until my friends couldn't take it anymore and insisted that I start blogging about it.... and that's how I got here.

   I will try to post my pictures as often as possible and I will also try to give you a recipe, if it is not a well kept family secret of course! Excuse my grammar and "accent" in writing... it's part of my Polish charm and I'm not planning on getting rid of it any time soon.


  1. Hey, congratulation!!!!!! I am so happy you finally doing it :0))

  2. Hej Magda! czekam z niecierpliwością Twoich postów. Jako że całkowicie pochłonęło mine życie "surgical intern" i o gotowaniu mogę tylko pomarzyć, będę napawała się Twoimi smakołykami, choćby tylko wirtualnie ;)

  3. Hey Magda, I just read your profile and apart from the fact that I am NOT a scientist, we are so alike. Cooking relaxes me, my parter is my first taste tester, and as a child I had my own "cooking show" and a home "restuarant". By the way, I love that you ARE a scientist working on MS, because my sister in law passed from MS about 10 years ago leaving behind 2 beautiful boys. Love your work!
    PS Pozdrowienia z Australii! :-)

    1. Martyna, I am very sorry to hear about your sister-in-law, MS is a horrible disease and I really hope that we will learn how to control it soon!
      I am a real food lover so it is so nice to hear that people like my recipes. Keep cooking and stay relaxed :)

  4. Hey madga.love ur blog,just found it via pinterest! I actually lived in Poland four 4 yrs,had a besssttttexperience there..I was there recently and had a chance to try many new rest they have.my 2 best friends r born& raised& live in Poland ...they said recently even more ethnic restaurants opened..I was near krakow-
    Anyway I'm in NYC name is nikkie,interest nikkie g.s stay in touch! Great job on blog& food!take care! ,

    1. Thank you Nikkie, it's so nice to hear that you had great time in Poland. Krakow is absolutely my favorite city in the world and I think everybody should visit it!
      Thanks for reading my blog!
      Take care,