Thursday, February 2, 2012

When I was a student...

   ... I was young and energetic... no wait, that's not what this blog is about. I wanted to say that when I was a student (and didn't have much time to cook or too much money to go out to eat) my best friend introduced me to a tuna spaghetti. Oh yeah, it's not a mistake, I did say tuna spaghetti. It's super easy, super cheap, and super delicious. I love it so much that I introduced Justin and some of my friends to it and now we all eat it all the time. I have a feeling that Justin thinks that something is missing from his life if there is no tuna spaghetti for more than two weeks. It is one of those dishes that is perfect if you don't know what to make and you always have the ingredients for it in a pantry. What you need is:

*  Angel's hair pasta (or any other)
*  1 can tuna in water
*  1 chopped onion
*  2 tsp capers
*  1 cup fat-free sour cream
*  1/2 cup chopped parsley
*  olive oil
*  salt and pepper

    Saute onions with olive oil and capers (if you are not a fan of capers you can skip them all together), add drained tuna and cook for about 5 minutes. About a minute before the end add sour cream, parsley, salt, and pepper and you are done! Serve it with pasta as you would serve a regular spaghetti.

   It might not be the prettiest dish to photograph, but trust me it's absolutely delicious. You should see Justin's face when I told him for the first time what I'm making (kind of scared) and when he was eating it few minutes later (kind of scared that there won't be enough for seconds!).


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