Friday, September 16, 2011

...and it happened! I started my own blog.

   I can't believe I let you guys talk me into it... but I am going to blog about my cooking adventures. Rather then flooding my Facebook page with all those pictures, I will now post them here. I also had many requests for recipes, so maybe I will post them too. Just be patient with me since blogging requires a little bit more time and thoughts put into it then just posting pictures.
   I will share with you what I cooked, what we ate out, or what I think looks good in the picture! And what can be better to start with, than going back to my roots, where it all started? In a few days me and my hubby are going to Poland to visit my family and I will try to take you with me for our culinary adventures and what not.
   Just remember, it's not all about food, I'm also trying to improve my photography skills. So feel free to comment and share your opinion about both because any criticism would be appreciated.
   I'm sure most people who will follow my posts will be my friends that know me very well (some even too well), but if you would like to find out more about me check out my "About me" tag.

   Hope to see you here soon.



  1. AWESOME!! Go Magda Go! Go Magda Go! (I may be not the first visitor but I am the first commenter leru leru!! LOL

  2. EXtra! Powodzenia Madziu :)

  3. Thank god you translated the instructions into scientific talk!!! Now I get it!!! lol Good job!

  4. you are the coolest.

    Olivia :)

  5. No wreszcie!!!