Monday, September 26, 2011

Mom's dinners are the best!

   No, no, no... I did not forget about you, nor did  I quit blogging, I'm just enjoying my vacation so much I even forgot to take my camera out!

   We are at my childhood home being spoiled rotten by my mom cooking, baking, and doing everything else for us. What can be better than that? I appologise up front for very rare post and not too many pictures, but I promise to pick up the slack as soon as I come back to Richmond. I will still try to share some things with you, but I can't promise any recipes, since my mom cooks exactly like me, makes up stuff as she adds it to the pot, and never follows any rules! Now you know where I got it. All her dishes never taste exactly the same, but somehow I can always recognise them... if you put 10 meals in fornt of me... I can show you my mom's with my eyes closed!
   Today we had a typical Polish soup, krupnik, made with broth from ribs, barley, potatoes and tons of vegetables.

   After this delicious and nutritious soup, we had some even more delicious but way less nutritious potato pancakes, aka placki ziemniaczane! Oh man, I can still taste them. So soft and moist inside, fried and crunchy outside, served with a spicy chicken sauce and of course a pickle! Thank God we jogged today so I dont feel complately guilty for eating two of them!

   And as I said, unfortunately no recipes this time. First, I can't give away my mom's secrets and second, I don't even know exactly what she did since I was very busy outside playing with my dog Gon. He is a pretty big German Pointer, who still thinks he is a tiny puppy!

Isn't he a cutie?

See you next time.

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