Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Polish goodness!

   If you started to wonder where are all those recipes from the old country, here you go! I present you with another delicious and very traditional Polish dish called "lazanki". Actually it was a request from my friend, who is going to be a proud Mama soon, who was craving lazanki the other day (sorry Agatka for a delay)! You know you can never say no to a pregnant woman, especially if she is your close/far friend (she is my close friend who lives far, far away). Besides Justin is a huge fan of lazanki too, so it worked out for everybody. Here is my version of the recipe, and I'm sure everybody has their own spin on it. What you need is:

*  pasta (seashells or bow ties)
*  1 small cabbage head (chopped)
*  2 cups sauerkraut
*  1 cup chopped Canadian bacon  (bacon or kielbasa, whatever you like)
*  1 chopped onion
*  2 tsp chopped fresh dill
*  soy sauce
*  olive oil
*  salt and pepper

   Cook chopped cabbage and sauerkraut in salty water until it's soft (depending on how soft you like it). Saute onions and Canadian bacon with a little bit of olive oil until the meat is nicely seared and a little bit browned. You can substitute Canadian bacon with regular bacon, turkey bacon, or kielbasa, but I like to use Canadian bacon because it's delicious, and much leaner then other things. Combine sauteed meat and onions with cooked cabbage and pasta, and then season it with salt, pepper, soy sauce, and dill. That's it, the dish is ready.

   You can adjust the ratio of cabbage to pasta however you like. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but we like ours to have a lot of cabbage (hey, I'm Polish and I love my cabbage!). Agata, I know it's late, but this post is a special dedication to you Mama (hopefully your wonderful man will make it for you next time you crave it!).


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