Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The sequel to the pork tenderloin.

   Remember my last post (it was just two days ago!) about the two pork tenderloins? One was stuffed with apricots and the other mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the post and never came back. Don't you worry, there is absolutely no food missing in my kitchen (well, it disappears but I usually know where it goes!) and this time was no different. I made two loins and I used one for a few dinners (served with some starch and vegetables) and the other one I made into delicious and filling sandwiches for lunch. Forget about store bought lunch meat, there is nothing that can beat this. It's fresh, juicy, low salt, and no artificial ingredients (I know, I sound like a sales rep). Keep it in the fridge and slice it whenever you are craving a delicious sandwich. Just look at it:

   I know that sandwich building is an art form and it's very personal and different for everybody (some people are very "particular" about how they want their sandwich to be prepared)! What I do, and what I think is the best is:

*  ciabatta roll
*  2 tsp horseradish spread
*  lettuce
*  sliced provolone cheese
*  sliced tenderloin
*  tomato
*  chopped parsley (this is my favorite component on all my sandwiches!)

   Spread the horseradish on a roll, layer all the ingredients and here is what you end up with:


   Now, that's a sandwich. You probably wonder how can somebody possibly bite this gigantic mountain of food, right? No worries, first of all I have a big mouth (that's what I've been told) and second, everything is so fresh, juicy, and fluffy that you can just squeeze it together and bite it no problem. Try it!


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