Friday, May 18, 2012

Need some comfort?

   Pasta carbonara, doesn't it sound like a sophisticated and complicated dish? Well, there is nothing complicated about it and it probably isn't the most sophisticated either. What it is, is super delicious and comforting. I was wanting to make this dish for a long time and I finally got around to it! It just has all of my favorite ingredients and seems to be perfect as a comfort food if you need some. To make it "comforty" and guilt free at the same time, I substituted most of the ingredients with the "skinny" options so we can enjoy it freely. Here is the recipe:

*  angel hair pasta (or any other)
*  10-12 slices of turkey bacon
*  1 cup green peas
*  3 eggs
*  2/3 cup fat-free half and half
*  1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
*  salt and pepper

   Cook pasta according to the package directions. In a bowl combine eggs, half and half, Parmesan cheese, and whisk everything together. In a non stick pan saute turkey bacon until crisp, add drained and hot pasta, egg mixture, peas, salt and pepper, turn off the heat, and mix everything together. The heat of the pan and pasta will cook the eggs and form a sauce. Garnish everything with green onions or parsley and it's ready to enjoy!

   I might be bias because I am a big egg and pasta lover, but this dish is great. Creamy, salty and saucy with fresh and sweet notes from the green peas. Who wouldn't love that?


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