Sunday, April 28, 2013


   So here it is, as I promised... our sweet, girly, fruity drink that is perfect for ladies night. I just thought it would be nice to have a mixed drink rather than a wine... we always do wine, so it was high time to change it up a little bit. Just think about pineapple, rum and limes put together to create a dense and delicious Hawaii-inspired cocktail. Sounds good, doesn't it? As always, you can adjust the amount of ingredients... you can make it as strong, as sweet, and as limey as you like, but here is the general recipe:


*  1 fresh pineapple, cored and cubed
*  3-4 cups Ginger Ale
*  3 limes
*  3 cups of rum
*  2 cups water
*  1 cup sugar
*  small bundle of mint
*  2 cups of ice


1. To make simple syrup: in a skillet, combine 2 cups of water with 1 cup of sugar. Bring to boil, add mint bundle, turn off the heat and let it cool completely. When cold remove the mint and set aside.
2. In a blender, combine cubed pineapple with  simple syrup and blend until smooth.
3. Combine blended pineapple with rum, lime juice and Ginger Ale. Taste everything as you are adding ingredients so you make is exactly as you like it (you may want to adjust the amount of some ingredients).
4. Add ice and serve.

   Delicious! I think it would be really good also with other types of fruit ... I can't wait for watermelon season to begin! That sounds like a perfect fruit to make a drink with.


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