Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's ritual!

   I love Friday nights! Usually we try to eat pretty healthy all week long, but Friday is our night of comfort food in unlimited quantities, eaten on the couch in front of TV, while watching movies! And tonight was no different than usual. After three weeks in Poland we had a DVR full of our favorite shows and movies so it was the perfect opportunity for some Chinese takeout and two episodes of "Fringe".
   Can you imagine Chinese takeout without a spring roll? Me neither, that's why it was exactly what we started our dinner with. Crunchy, a little bit chewy, filled with veggies and deep fried. I told you Friday dinners are far from healthy!

   They were worth every calorie! As a main course I had my favorite steamed shrimp and veggies with rice. It's so simple, there is basically no seasoning or spices on it but all I do is put few pockets of Duck Sauce on it and it's just light, sweet, a little bit sour and delicious!

   Justin got one of his favorites, general tso's chicken. Man that was good: tender, juicy, sticky sweet and spicy. I made sure I had my fair share of his dish! He was really into the episode, focusing on every detail so I used it to my advantage and steal almost half of his portion from his plate.

   And lets not forget about the fortune cookie. Mine said: "It's at the worst of times that you need to summon your optimism." So I am staying optimistic that I won't gain too much weight after this big and rich meal!

See you next time.

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