Saturday, October 22, 2011

Painting day lunch!

   This day couldn't come soon enough! We are finally creating our dream master bedroom! It's high time to get rid of the old mismatched furniture which I had ever since I came to the US (over 8 years ago) and get my new, dark brown, wonderful bedroom set! Yay! But before we do that the walls need to be painted! And today is the day. We already put the first coat of paint, not only on the walls but also on my fingers, legs, shoes, and hair and now we are waiting for it to dry. They say to wait 3-5 hours before putting second coat so I guess that's plenty of time to cook something for lunch, but do I feel like cooking? Not really! And that's when our favorite Freschetta frozen pizza steps in... 15 min in the oven and our delicious lunch is ready.

   Spinach and mushroom pizza with white sauce and there is no need for anything else, except maybe an energy drink to tackle the rest of the painting!

Have a great Saturday.


  1. we want pictures from the bedroom! Malki

  2. I would have to start a separate blog for that :))