Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fingers or toes?

   Can you guess what the post will be about? Chicken fingers, or should I say pretzel crusted chicken fingers... and I don't mean the actual fingers of the chicken, which I have had before and liked a lot. Oh, don't judge me, I'm Polish... and fierce... and try new things all the time! I think I already scared you enough with the chicken gizzards, so I will spare you "adventurous" ingredients for now, but trust me, they will be back! Today I'm just showing you the traditional, loved by everyone, and feared by no one sliced and breaded chicken breasts, misleadingly called chicken fingers! Yeah I get it, they are long and have a similar shape (those are some fat and deformed fingers!), but that's about all that they have in common with fingers! Oh well people choose to call them that and I am not going to argue with them. The truth is that they are super delicious and I couldn't care less if we call them chicken fingers or toes (well, that actually doesn't sound appetizing).
   Lets forget about the terminology and focus more on the flavor! I am very famous for having a "pretzel tooth" (yes, a pretzel tooth, that's exactly what I have!) so I try to use them as often as possible, and using them as a breading is the perfect example of this. I use the thinly cut chicken breast, marinate them over night in buttermilk mixed with soy sauce, ground cumin, and salt! These few simple ingredients are enough to give the chicken great flavor and moisture. The best part of preparing this dish is making the breading. Basically I just put 2-3 handfuls of pretzels in the Ziploc bag and smack as hard as I can with whatever I can find! There is no better stress reliever than that, just don't go too crazy otherwise you will have pretzel dust everywhere! Roll the chicken strips in it, put them on a baking sheet and bake for 20-30 minutes at 375F.

   They taste even better than they look! The buttermilk makes them moist and silky, cumin gives them nice, exotic flavor, and pretzels... well pretzels make everything taste awesome! Justin had only one problem with the dish, there were way too few of them!


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