Saturday, November 26, 2011

You knew it was coming!

   Thanksgiving is over and I hope everybody had an amazing time with their friends and family. Even though I've been in US for over 7 years it was my fourth "real" Thanksgiving spent with my new family eating traditional and delicious Thanksgiving dishes. I thought I was extremely lucky to have a mom who is a great cook and then I met my mother-in-law, and now I have two moms who are the best chefs in the world! So you can imagine that every holiday, no matter which mom we are visiting, is an explosion of flavor. This past Thanksgiving was no different. As always it was a lot of fun with a great company, but you have to come prepared! Every year is the same, we need to start fasting at least 24 hours before going over there and even then our stomachs are not empty enough. I don't even know if there is enough space in this blog to write about and put pictures of all the food Justin's mom cooked for us. There is absolutely no way I could give you the recipe, so I decided just to post a few pictures of my favorite dishes.
   Lets start with the appetizers, which each year are an absolute surprise. This year we enjoyed amazing stuffed (with I have no idea what) mushrooms...

   and shrimp and mango salad served in endive boats. Very refreshing!

   You would think that on a turkey day The Turkey would be a main attraction of a table, right? Wrong! The biggest hit, and the thing that Justin starts talking about in early October, is the mountain of fluffy and silky potato rolls. Different shapes, different sizes and one unbelievable taste!

   Trust me, Justin makes sure that we go home with a trunk full of them, and ever since we got the SUV, that's a lot of rolls! I know everybody is waiting for a picture of a turkey, but by the time I grabbed my camera and got to the kitchen Tio Curtis was already halfway through the bird! So here you go, I present you with a one-sided turkey, a very tender, juicy, and flavorful side!

   Of course there is no turkey without mashed potatoes...

    ... and stuffing full of veggies and chestnuts! Man that's good!

   Delicious! The last but not least is my absolute favorite dish of the night: corn pudding! Oh I'm getting the recipe for that one and as soon as I perfect it I'm gonna share it with you all. Right now all I can do is show you the picture and tell you that it's extremely creamy and corny (I said corny!!!).

    I would love to show you my mother-in-law's signature pumpkin pie, but I was so full after dinner and the camera was so far away... at least 3 feet away... that I just couldn't walk that far! We will have to leave the pie for a next year. Hopefully, I will remember to keep my camera closer!

I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Send greetings to your lovely monther-in-law

    And yes, we are hungry now! (c)horny too...