Tuesday, December 20, 2011

¿Qué pasa?

   Do you like pizza? Do you like Mexican food? Do you have problems deciding which one of them to have for dinner tonight? You don't have to decide anymore, because thanks to me you can have both for the price of one! I present you with an amazingly amazing and explosively explosive: Santa Fe Pita Pizzas! Wow, wouldn't I be a perfect sales person for a TV commercial? But seriously, I wasn't joking, I really present you with a Mexican pizza, and it is really amazing. Not only flavorful and delicious but also quick and easy. There is no cooking really required, just putting together few ingredients and baking for a little while. All you need is:

4 pita breads
refried black beans
chunky salsa
sliced black olives
corn (I use Mexicorn by Green Giant)
Mexican shredded cheese mix
fat free sour cream
cilantro (lots of it!)

   Spread refried beans on the pita bread and top with salsa, corn, olives,cilantro, and cheese.

   Even though it looks good already, bake it at 350F for 10-15 minutes until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve it with a spoon (or more) of sour cream and more cilantro on the top. Since you are making individual pizzas, each of them can be altered to suit everybody's needs. Justin, for example, is not too crazy about olives, so I just made his without them but with triple serving of cheese.

   Oh and one more thing! They are awesome when topped also with cooked shredded chicken but guess what? I realized that I forgot to add chicken just when we were taking the last bite of our pizza... oh well, they were awesome anyways and I have some chicken for something else now.  :)


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