Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fishy party!

   Do you also spend hours thinking about what appetizers to bring to the party? In my opinion, appetizers should be not only delicious and colorful, but also easy to grab and eat without too many
utensils. I usually try to make something fast, easy, tasty, and something that is unique. Of course the
easiest thing to do is to grab salsa or guacamole (nothing wrong with that, I bring both of them very
often to the parties!) but the real challenge is to come up with something different, inventive, and
unusual. Something that everybody will want to try even out of curiosity. Some time ago I came up with
this simple idea of one-bite-pumpernickel sandwiches. You can buy a thinly sliced pumpernickel bread,
either already small and ready to use, or in a regular, toast-size slices and just cut them in 4 pieces. It's
absolutely up to your imagination what you are going to put on the top of the bread, but my favorite
choices are kind of fishy... salmon and sardines. There is absolutely no work for the salmon one. You just
spread a salmon cream cheese on the bread, put a piece of a smoked salmon on the top, and decorate
with some dill!

   The second one is not complicated at all but reacquires mixing few ingredients together. I mix canned
sardines (in water) with a spoon of light mayo, a big spoon of cream cheese, and horse radish sauce (as
much as you want, according to your taste) and viola, the spread is ready. It's good to decorate it with
some fresh and crunchy vegetable since the spread tends to be very creamy and rich. I think cucumber is
perfect for the job!

   Even if you are not a "fish person" you still may like it because the horse radish gives it very unique flavor, far from what regular sardines are. It definitely looks colorful and fun put together on a plate.

   Try it, you may surprise yourself and your guests as well. Worst case scenario you have a great conversation starter, so you have nothing to lose.

Good luck.

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