Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle... yeah!!!

   Summer is definitely here! It's so hot outside and all you want to do is relax in a cool place with either a cold cocktail or a bowl of ice cream in your hand! Well, that can be dangerous... too many cocktails can give you a headache, and too many ice cream bowls can give you wide hips! Both are not good, especially during the summer. But don't worry I got you covered. Skip the ice cream (easier said than done!) and substitute them with delicious, fruity, and cold jello. If you think that's jello is not exciting and not worthy of your attention, wait until you see how pretty it can be if you are willing to give it some time. It's not much work and most of it's just waiting for each layer to set, but you end up with super cute and super healthy (70 calories each!!!) desserts. It doesn't get any better than that! Here is what you do to get four desserts:

*  3 sugar-free jellos (red, yellow, and green)
*  1 cup blueberries
*  1/2 sliced mango
*  lime zest

1. Prepare first jello according to the box instructions. Divide into four and pour into glasses. Add 1/4 cup of blueberries to each of them and refrigerate for about 1-2 hours until the jello sets.
2. Prepare the second jello, cool a little and pour onto the previous, set layer. Add slices of mango and refrigerate for another 1-2 hours.
3. Prepare the third jello, cool down, pour over previous two layers, add some lime zest, refrigerate until it sets, and it's ready to enjoy.

   You can use any flavor/color/fruit you want to, I just happened to have blueberries and mango on hand. Try to avoid kiwi and pineapple, because their enzymes interfere with the jello and it won't set properly. If you want something that tastes great and is not a diet buster this is your thing. It's such a guilt-free and calorie-free desert that all you can say after eating it is: "...look at this body... I'm sexy and I know it!"