Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meatless Meat Sauce!

   How to make the most famous meat sauce meatless? I've achieved something that meat lovers could find unachievable... I turned the famous beef bolognese sauce into a delicious, vegetarian feast! The secret ingredient - lentils - full of proteins and flavor, the perfect substitute for beef! To make things more delicious and satisfying, I added few of my favorite ingredients - mushrooms and zucchini! Here is the recipe:


*  1 cup green lentils
*  2 zucchinis, chopped
*  4-5 stalks celery, chopped
*  8oz mushrooms, chopped
*  1 large onion, chopped
*  28oz can crushed tomatoes
*  1/3 cup ketchup
*  1 tbsp olive oil
*  1 tbsp brown sugar
*  1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
*  1 tsp dry oregano
*  1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
*  salt and pepper

*  1lb spaghetti pasta


1. Wash lentils in cold water, transfer into a pot, cover with water (about 2-3 inches above lentils). Cook for 25 minutes, until lentils are soft, drain and set aside. Lentils will absorb water during cooking, so make sure you keep adding some.
2. In a deep skillet, heat olive oil, add onions, mushroom, celery, and zucchini.  Sprinkle with a little bit of salt and pepper and cook for 4-5 minutes.
3. Add crushed tomatoes, ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and oregano. Mix everything together and cook for about 10 minutes until veggies are cooked, but still a little bit crunchy.
4. Add cooked lentils and Parmesan cheese, bring to boil, and it's ready.
5. Serve with spaghetti pasta and enjoy your new favorite!

   You will not believe how good this sauce is. No meat required... and you don't even miss it! It's a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, saucy and crunchy... I'm sure you will like it!


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